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Fall is right around the corner. It’s calendar time.  

Here are 7 reasons transportation sales teams should plan their calendars now:

1. A calendar is a simple thing. There’s no learning curve. There’s no Calendar version 5.6.7.

2. It’s better than an ad. It hangs on customers’ walls all year. It’s better than a billboard. You won’t speed right by it. It’s better than a truck logo. All those highway drivers are not your customers.

3. You can point to it, gather around it, talk about it, use a marker on it, schedule your vacation with it – and see your team’s holidays too.

4. You can tap it with your finger and it won’t pop, jiggle or drop a call – or an appointment. It doesn’t depend on your ability to type. It won’t substitute new words – surprising words you never intended.

5. But if, and it’s a big IF… it’s really nice enough you can gift it to your best customers just before the holidays. Deliver it by hand. What’s it worth to meet and greet all your customers – just before the new year?

6. The bigger the better, it’s your brand after all. And in transportation, size matters. If it’s a tiny one, you can go home and stick it on your fridge… next to little Billy’s crayon drawings. But you’re not a tiny calendar person are you? I thought not.

7. Yes, yes I know, it stands for traditional values. Shippers tend to be straight forward people, people who rather like being on time. They keep stats on everything. Just the kind of folks who will love having your new calendar on their office wall.


Like all transportation, logistics and shipping, you’re out there every day, come rain or shine – or snow – no matter what. Calendars remind your customers of your absolute dependability, day in and day out, all year long.