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I help business leaders communicate real value. Charities too.

“Mike’s talent goes far beyond website design.”

“Without exception, Mike’s work has been outstanding.”

“An unfailingly positive attitude. He saw us as a team.”

“His advertising concepts were well conceived… He simply nailed it.”

“Wow you are fast! My favourite vendor to work with!!!”

“The results were amazing! We are very proud of our new brand.”

“I’m thrilled with the response I’ve been receiving.”

“Mike has a great ability to speak directly to executives.”

“I am so happy with our new look Mike… so attractive, so clean, so right for us!”

See ‘What Clients Say’ for full texts of testimonials.

Please see these creative projects and customer testimonials:


CedarCoast starts designing custom homes by asking, “Where’s your family when it’s raining at the cottage?”


Targeted initiatives can help charity organizations, like Camphill Communities Ontario, support more people in need.


See the new face of transportation at the ATS Healthcare website.