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Here’s No. 12 of 31 logos in my merry month of logos, a wildly colourful image for Pantechnicon. When my good friends Howard Silverman and Evelyn Falk came to me with the request to have a look at Pantechnicon, I have to admit my first thought was ‘Let’s change the name!’ I know this can be dangerous for a brand, for a company and for the logo – for so many reasons. But what exactly does ‘Pantechnicon’ mean? Is it an original? Did they make it up? Well no, and no. Wikepedia: The word “Pantechnicon” is an invented one, formed from the Greek pan (“all”) and techne (“art”).

It makes sense for a small company just starting out to want a wide open name, one that might grow into mature definition or even achieve its own meaning with time… Isn’t that what the best of brands do, redefine themselves yet stick to its core definition over time? As the partners explain a Pantechnicon was a medieval booth or stall, I pictured a storefront from ‘Scarborough Fair’ within which could be found a wide assortment of offerings.. and opportunities.
There are a number of things to consider when tempted to change a business name, most I post as warnings. On the one side we have an existing name, business…and customers. Customers who may wonder what the name might mean, but who have an existing relationship with the business, whether they understand the meaning of the brand name or not. For existing customers changing the name of a company may mean confusion and eventually, loss of loyalty. A big IF!
As it turned out it was a mercifully short conversation. I took ‘assortment’ as the theme and in the end I was happy that it turned out so yummy. This is a pack of sweets… presented in luscious pastels.
Colour of course must remain visually uniform across a panorama of possible usage. This is one of the defining standards and most necessary characteristics of modern logos, it just has to work everywhere. The challenge of this logo, based loosely on the spectrum, is that it has to work on screen, in print and for the inevitable silk screened t-shirt, chenille ball cap, exhibit booth, signage and for any new pool the owners plunge into… in true Pantechnicon style.
Don’t go without reading the wonderful testimonial from Evelyn: http://graphicdesigninbarrie.com/logo-design/