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TRELAWNY, in Mississauga, is a complete community built around a giant semi-circle, arranged in courts each spinning off from the main hub. The lots, not rectangles but trapezoids, were neatly arranged. ‘Child-safe courts’ I called them in the ads. I always try to see this arrangement from the air, if I’m over Toronto climbing or coming down. I would like to say it’s unique, but the original is in Chicago. Here, we presented the community as up-scale, with large beautiful homes specifically designed for this arrangement. It was, and still is, very special.
What I remember best is the peach pastel silk we used in the sales presentations, coupled with a soft teal. For the time, modern, yet in this outing, traditional, as colonial as soft, off orange wainscoting with heavy raw silk on the walls can be. Can a column be modern? Evidently, it can. I thought of this décor as strangely American South updated. I was doing work for Sunworthy Wallcoverings at the time and the raw silk papers were a particular favourite of mine. Anyway it worked like gangbusters and the sales centre was one of the first I was truly proud of. Thanks again to Geranium Homes for the opportunity and for the willingness (and courage!) to follow us designers out the proverbial window.
This logo combines a couple of caps, letters from the William Morris typefoundery. It took me ages to do it. Trying to re -render the classics I found intimidating. The line, ‘don’t try this at home’ is apt.