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No. 19 in my logo parade: AMCAM INTERNATIONAL TEXTILES, done for a friend and entrepreneur from my Montreal days. I think of it as ‘flag weaving’. Elegantly drawn and conceptually quite simple, it’s one of those images that, upon reading the text, one says, “I got it.”

What happened to the Montreal textile and fashion industry? If I felt even marginally competent to write about it, I would. But suffice to say an entire generation left the city. Afterwards, I made my living for many years mining the headlong rush to the suburbs in Toronto, whose growth was largely salvaged from the economic decline of its twin city in Quebec. All that brain power, businesses and future families relocated. Montreal was our great drunk disco playground. So much fun…!

I can remember a huge snow squall that hit the 401 in Coburg, on Boxing Day. Many of my Montreal friends and relatives were stuck with us in the snow for hours – after a harrowing crunch of cars bumped each other in the white blindness. We just grabbed the kids from their back seats and carried them out of the cars.Then we stood in the stillness and listened for the noises coming back from the road. A whole generation returning to their Montreal parents for post Christmas celebrations… bringing their Ontario born kids home to meet their grandparents still in la belle province.

My thanks to Bill Weltman.