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When good friend, collaborator and local social hero, Ian McIntosh came to me with a new project I jumped. Ian can talk strategy, branding, Facebook and the intricacies of photography all with knowledge, insight and excitement. I love our conversations here in Barrie over a local brew. The new project was a yoga centre to be hosted by his lovely partner and holistic guru, Joanne Lougheed.

The name? Flourish. Soon we three amigos started the process of naming and visually anchoring their idea. As I came to know more about this project we started to look at… guess what? Does it surprise anyone familiar with my work that I begin a logo project with legibility, a styled typography that sticks? This approach is grounded in reality. The very worst answer to the logo question is one that isn’t readable, or one that doesn’t make an impact. Despite the frequently encountered urge to illustrate, colourize, or do ‘something like that’ my main goal of early research is with font and colour. The basics.

Then, with Google Images, we can easily research hundreds of images and ‘gizmos’ as I love to call them, logos with similar genealogy from around the globe. This can be a sobering experience on two levels. First is that so much has already been done by so many. What’s new? The second realization comes for me – and frequently as a surprise to clients – that what seems to work for others may not be the best solution areas to answer to their particular set of questions. Knowledge is power. Seeing how logos work for other similar endeavours leads to many telling conversations about the singular requirements at hand.

My third presentation frequently sets a creative path in which no effort is spared , to use the agreed facts of the research, add intuition, design, drawing… ask ‘what can be?’ using my experience – and a bit of hand /eye coordination – to hang onto the map.

My thanks to Ian and Joanne for the trust and openness shared in this project. Flourish, now two years old, is well forgive me… flourishing.