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Usually when I first meet a client we talk logo. As in, “Do you do logos?” Having long ago gotten used to the term ‘do logos, I now embrace the verb. Doing a logo involves getting right inside the organization and taking a good look around. Hmmm… communication needs? Where’s the “Where now?” conversation? Who exactly we are speaking to? Where are new customers coming from? What’s our message to them? Now, I was doing logos before we began to call customer characters ‘personas’, but we did know who were appealing to – and why they might or might not be susceptible to our entreaties on behalf of dear client. Some truths don’t change.
Where a group sits on marketing curves, or achieves in goal achievement scores, usually of their own making, how fast they are going, or not, leads to a conversation about why an existing logo may instead need encouragement, not replacement. And further, what an adjusted identity might possibly do for (or to) the firm. I once met a graphic studio owner, who was deep into cereal packaging, who said, “Be wary of those who counsel changing the logo.” In his case serious alterations would most assuredly tear his box and layout recognition apart. Whether you counsel a facelift or a full on personality review… there are no guarantees. Eventually the unforeseen consequence uncloaks.
Entrepreneurs can be more fun. Approaching the identity of a modern security firm, taking the concept of defence apart, might lead one into dark corners and unlikely personas, i.e. verboten for attractiveness, a necessary element of any modern mark. Humour? Details of what security is up to these days? No and no. The process led me to believe we wouldn’t want to reveal actual ‘security’ anyway – that would spoil what should be hidden. We would never be able to forsee the evolution of what security may mean, even into the very near future. The past few years have borne this out. Security is a another name for managing surprise. Somewhat the point. The mark itself stands on guard. Strong. Evocative of fear. It can only hint at what may lie ahead.
Anyway, all this ruminating led to weeks of staring at the white. With a terrific, supportive friend and client, and with the mutual understanding of where we wanted to go, we moved forward, assured with the belief that our process would make us happy when it was resolved. It did. Here’s Seamless Security.