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I was on a roll when I did this one. In the zone. I just remember just doing it pretty quickly. Can I say ‘easy’? Like butter. Valleyview in Heart Lake. Such a great suggestive name (!) demands an illustrative representation, a drawing. Frankly not my strong suit. If could draw, art school would have been so much different. So what I struggled with, alacrity of fingers, I tried to make up for by over thinking. Learning is painful, yes? So much later, doing this logo, when I thought of hills, valleys and lakes… so many images!  Again what imaging would make this great name memorable? I fell for the heart.  In this case staring at the white was fleeting. Heart, sky, stars… such basic elements! As an artist, sometimes I just have to stand back and let it go.

And once the type works, just try not to get in the way. This one has a hand carved feel, natural, easy, a bit rough, naive even. All of a sudden, there it was. Childish, in an innocent way, it just worked. When we put it up, about 30 feet wide, it made the sales centre. An immediate object, bright – no nonsense colours. It stood out like sun on a beach. In Brampton, a lucky charm. I have always thought of new home community sales centres as signage. This one broadcasting its announcement of a happy new Geranium Homes community. opening soon, right here. In Canada. Where your kids can draw with big bright crayons and life is good.

Valleyview in Heart Lake, in Brampton Ontario, was a part of the Building Southern Ontario mantra of Geranium Homes.