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We combine astute writing with imaginative graphic design to position your brand as friendly, truthful and necessary. We’re in the idea business!

If you are looking for an experienced, strategic graphic designer and branding expert to take your marketing up a notch, we will never let you down.

Graphic Designer, Branding Expert, Logo Design… the reviews for Mike Beard are in!

“Mike’s talent goes far beyond website design
he really is a master at looking at the overall branding…”

“Without exception, Mike’s work has been outstanding…
His branding was identified by many donors as key to winning their support.”

“An unfailingly positive attitude.
He saw us as a team.”

“His advertising concepts were well conceived…
He simply nailed it.”

“Wow you are fast!
My favourite vendor to work with!!!”

“The results were amazing!
We are very proud of our new brand.”

“…(Mike) developed a strong, professional, easy to navigate site. I’m thrilled with the response I’ve been receiving.”

“Mike has a great ability to speak directly to executives.
His visuals have a way of making technical subjects easier to understand.”

“I am so happy with our new look Mike… so attractive, so clean, so right for us. A lot to live up to now!”

Pat Bongers, Partner, Cedar Coast Timber Homes on working with a graphic designer:

“Mike’s talent goes far beyond website design.
…making sure the brand connects with the audience.
He kept us on task and moving forward to achieve the desired results.”

Such a pleasure working with the great people at CedarCoast! Responsibilities include Logo Design, Website Design, Writing, Social Media, Print, Advertising, Show Collateral and Signage.

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Diane Kydd, Founder, Camphill Communities Ontario on working with a graphic designer:

“I am so happy with our new look Mike,
I think it is so attractive, so clean,
Thank you so much for rebranding us.

Working in collaboration with Camphill Ontario: Logo Design, Print, Retail Display, Store Signage, Event Promotion and Advertising for the Annual Camphill Community Action Award Dinner in Barrie. Our group received one of the June Callwood Awards for Outstanding Volunteerism in Ontario, 2017.

Read about last year’s Tribute Dinner here.

Bob Brogan, Senior Executive VP, ATS Healthcare on working with a graphic designer:

“Mike instinctively knew where to take
understood its technical complexities
and delivered the marketing in many innovative ways.
Today our division is an
in testimony to the quality and creativity of his efforts.
He simply nailed it.”

During my nearly 5 years as Director of Marketing, all brand tasks included Logo Design, Website Design, Internal Web and Print Communications, Event Marketing and Display, Magazine Advertising, Technical Writing, Online Contests, Award Winning Calendars and more.

Visit the latest, bilingual ATS Healthcare Website.

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Logo Design and the Brand Discovery Process

I LOVE LISTENING TO ENTREPRENEURS, MARKETERS and SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS TELL THEIR STORIES. I can feel their excitement! Together, we turn their experiences, thoughts and strategies into core messaging by zeroing in on their unique selling proposition. Initially they...

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No. 20 of 31 logos – Barrie Cheesecake Championship

Here's No. 20 of 31 in my logo parade, a yummy one, a great idea for a fun night for charity, The Barrie Cheesecake Championship. I don't mind doing a freebee for a worthy cause, not only for the obvious reasons. People who help people are the best to work with, I...

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No. 19 – Flourish Vitality Centre

When good friend, collaborator and local social hero, Ian McIntosh came to me with a new project I jumped. Ian can talk strategy, branding, Facebook and the intricacies of photography all with knowledge, insight and excitement. I love our conversations here in Barrie...

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No. 8 of 31 logos – Nolan

I love doing things for the family. Here’s my grandson’s nautical wall ‘thingy’ as we call them, with the young lad already posing like a pro in front. My daughter Eryn, that’s her hand holding him up, picked the sailing theme and once I found the great cap ‘N’ I knew...

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No. 7 of 31 Logos – eCommerce Inc.

The eCommerce revolution has finally reached maturity with the rise of Amazon at the expense of shopping malls everywhere. Today, we celebrate Prime Day, or in the new venacular, primeday. Those of us who thought the death of print was just around the corner, just...

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No. 6 of 31 logos – CellCycle

I fell for typography when I did junior cataloguing work at McGill Rare Books. We took a little elevator, off in a corner of the McLennan Library, descended down a floor to the Department, and further down another floor into the stacks. Well we could, but nobody else...

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No. 4 of 31 – The Glenway Golf Club Community

During these July holidays the national themes rise, shout, sing and pop. Somewhere between the daytime sounds of marching bands and booming jets and the nighttime crack of fireworks and creaky ferris wheels, is sandwiched the ‘why’. As in ‘why we are here’. I would...

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Logo Design: CedarCoast Timber Homes

I frequently cite the ten second billboard rule. If people can’t grasp the message in seconds, most never will. I toot the whistle at any message overly long, overly complex or even worse, illegible. We all know the average span of attention in humans is shorter than...

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An Event Logo: The Great Canadian Breakfast

I know people don’t know what I do. Happens all the time. I meet people who say, ‘You’re a graphic designer'. Or ‘You’re a writer’. ‘Oh, I get it, you’re a branding guy.’ The thing is, I usually get what THEY do. I say, ‘You do X’. Hopefully they nod in agreement. If...

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